We don't like a slow, long warmup were there is no dancing.
We want the place to be lit from the very first beat so we kindly ask all ticketholders to arrive before 22h.

Entry won't be possible after this time. We appreciate your cooperation.


- We don't stick to genres, vibez is our style
- About vibes, only good vibes allowed (zero tolerance regarding violence & harassment)
- Same goes for drugs
- Don't forget to smile, we record all sessions and this ain't no sad rave
- Enjoy the moment, don't stick to your phone
- Have fun, take care of each other & enjoy HANGAR ODNAR


Presale MON 15/04 - 20h

(!) 21+ only



We take you on a 5 hour rave, unbound of genre limitations.
Each session artist is selected with care and our lineup is designed to take you from one vibe to another.
Think house, dancehall, techno, amapiano, dnb, garage, hiphop, baile,...

20h30 - 22h00 : WARMUP BY
22h00 - 23h30 : AUDIOWAVE (hiphop - quality eclectic)
23h30 - 00h30 : AYANE (fr) (Afrobeat - amapiano - hiphop - dancehall)
00h30 - 02h00 : JUWLZ (Progressive with a touch of melodic & sexy spacy beats)
02h00 - 03h00 : MONSIEUR (Dancehall & house & garage & dnb & techno & baile & boit)
03h00 - xxhxx : NO AFTER (at ODNAR)